About US

eKrishi is a joint initiative by Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Sahaja Aharam and Green Dunia

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is a not for profit independent research organisation working with small and marginal farmers in Andhra Pradesh,  Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Sikkim and Tripura. CSA works on promotion of sustainable agriculture, organising farmers into cooperatives and linking them to markets

Sahaja Aharam Producer Company is a Federation of farmer producer organisations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra which helps farmers to directly market their produce through a chain of http://www.sahajaaharam.inSahaja Aharam retail stores

Green Dunia is a social enterprise initiated by like minded development professionals to provide market based solutions to llivelihoods development.  Green Dunia  works on Farming, Food processing, Extension Services, Marketing services, IT services